Things I Know So Far

  1. Investment on wisdom. Proverbs 4: The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. You should invest on wisdom, knowledge and education.
  2. People. Our ability to build and maintain healthy relationships is the single most important factor of how we get along in every area of life.
  3. Productivity. Winners almost always do what they think is the most productive thing possible at every given moment. It is small differences that keep adding up until they reach a critical size. Take care of your health because body and mind are one.
  4. Sales. It’s 80% marketing. The one area of expertise you can never give up is sales.
  5. Simplicity. Less is more in life and design. If it does not spark joy, you have to let go of it. Let go or the thoughts you no longer need in the present.
  6. Priority and planning. You will never be able to catch up with everything. What is important is that you are able to do the thing that is prioritised, the things that matter. Planning saves you so much time. Plan your day. Plan your tomorrow before you go to bed.
  7. Gratitude.  At the end of the day think of three things to be thankful for.
  8. Ideas. It all starts with words. We are what we pretend to be. If you think it, the universe will make a way to have it come to you.
  9. Yoga.  Nature functions intelligently, if it’s your, it is yours. You will get there even if you don’t try so hard. Even if you can’t you can. Just give it time.
  10. The core of it all.  It is the quality of time at work that counts, and the quantity of time that matters. Don’t lose site of the important things. Work is a bouncing ball. Your health and relationships are glass balls that shatter when you drop them.

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Sat Jan 02 07:27:39 +0000 2016

checking out zapier AGAIN. see this tweet on
Check out twitter…

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checking out zapier AGAIN. see this tweet on

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Something new something new

I just commuted from Crossfit back to Josh’s house… it’s my “SOMETHING NEW” this week. I’d have you know that IT’S SUCH A GREAT FEELING saving money.


2017 is around the corner (such cliche), time to plan.

1. Do something new every week with Josh

2. Make a blog. Be anonymous maybe. Use my sister maybe. As long as upgrade my PHP and Javascript skills.

3. Get abs! It’s year of the abs!

4. Get my finances straight. Save ___xxx___ amount of money.

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Over interneting

It’s not exactly my first weekend of actual rest since January, but it kinda feels like it.


I’m just tired.

Spent the weekend making salads, buying nice clothes, visiting friends (Fine. A friend. One.), surfing the net.

It’s just weird though.. I spent the whole few months feeling unpampered, and here I am with face mask on, new clothes everywhere, strategizing my week’s makeup and clothes, yet I feel a whole lot more unpampered because of all the pampering I see online.

Like hmmm, I’m just sooo close to accepting that I’ll never be enough. For work and for kaartehan. I mean I’m not being madrama or anything pero it’s just that there’s just wayyy too much to learn and way too much to do. This must all be due to over-unsubstantial-interneting.


You know what solves all this? Dis-connecting and just cuddling and making kulit all day with the love of my life.


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I guess I’m okay.


I miss writing. Like I have not written a single decent line in 2 years.


See, I even used “like”. My.





Okay cool, I don’t have hypertension. Neck spasms though.

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has it gone? Can I have it back?


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Hello anonymous life.

I would like to take this moment to offer gratitude to everything that the universe blessed me with. First and foremost, peace of mind. I feel a lot of security from the great love that is my very own JKRBondoc. My rock, my hero, my king, my soldier, and my never failing taga-ubos ng sobrang kanin at taga-yakap pag galaw ng galaw.


Thank you for the love that I feel for my work, for the love that I feel for everything. The truth is, it’s supposedly a stressful job, demanding definitely, but really… I feel happy and calming doing it all. Learning and sucking up all the knowledge and information. Using whatever creativity I have scooped up from everywhere to the technical things.

I feel like this is the best expression of the skills and interests I’ve accumulated throughout the year, and that this is where I belong. All challenged and stimulated while keeping a calm and steady heart.


Thank you for the family that will bring me to Japan hehe. To my roomies who always make me feel that I’m never ever alone in my yuppy struggles of ulam to find, time to clean, and boyfriends to maintain :)


To yoga for keeping me sane and weirdly granting me wisdom and understanding, I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW AND WHY,  I just know that I am eternally

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Stress Management:

I’ve been arriving in the office really early for the past 2 days. Lets me cope with my monkey mind.


Everything is clear and quiet, as much as I love the “bustle” that is Makati, the peace before the surge of activities is seriously a leisure as much as its a productivity hack

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Winners almost always do what they think is the most productive thing possible at every given moment, losers never do.

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