Hello anonymous life.

I would like to take this moment to offer gratitude to everything that the universe blessed me with. First and foremost, peace of mind. I feel a lot of security from the great love that is my very own JKRBondoc. My rock, my hero, my king, my soldier, and my never failing taga-ubos ng sobrang kanin at taga-yakap pag galaw ng galaw.


Thank you for the love that I feel for my work, for the love that I feel for everything. The truth is, it’s supposedly a stressful job, demanding definitely, but really… I feel happy and calming doing it all. Learning and sucking up all the knowledge and information. Using whatever creativity I have scooped up from everywhere to the technical things.

I feel like this is the best expression of the skills and interests I’ve accumulated throughout the year, and that this is where I belong. All challenged and stimulated while keeping a calm and steady heart.


Thank you for the family that will bring me to Japan hehe. To my roomies who always make me feel that I’m never ever alone in my yuppy struggles of ulam to find, time to clean, and boyfriends to maintain :)


To yoga for keeping me sane and weirdly granting me wisdom and understanding, I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW AND WHY,  I just know that I am eternally

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