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Something new something new

Posted on: November 19th, 2016 by macci No Comments

I just commuted from Crossfit back to Josh’s house… it’s my “SOMETHING NEW” this week. I’d have you know that IT’S SUCH A GREAT FEELING saving money.


2017 is around the corner (such cliche), time to plan.

1. Do something new every week with Josh

2. Make a blog. Be anonymous maybe. Use my sister maybe. As long as upgrade my PHP and Javascript skills.

3. Get abs! It’s year of the abs!

4. Get my finances straight. Save ___xxx___ amount of money.

Over interneting

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It’s not exactly my first weekend of actual rest since January, but it kinda feels like it.


I’m just tired.

Spent the weekend making salads, buying nice clothes, visiting friends (Fine. A friend. One.), surfing the net.

It’s just weird though.. I spent the whole few months feeling unpampered, and here I am with face mask on, new clothes everywhere, strategizing my week’s makeup and clothes, yet I feel a whole lot more unpampered because of all the pampering I see online.

Like hmmm, I’m just sooo close to accepting that I’ll never be enough. For work and for kaartehan. I mean I’m not being madrama or anything pero it’s just that there’s just wayyy too much to learn and way too much to do. This must all be due to over-unsubstantial-interneting.


You know what solves all this? Dis-connecting and just cuddling and making kulit all day with the love of my life.



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I guess I’m okay.


I miss writing. Like I have not written a single decent line in 2 years.


See, I even used “like”. My.





Okay cool, I don’t have hypertension. Neck spasms though.


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has it gone? Can I have it back?



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Stress Management:

I’ve been arriving in the office really early for the past 2 days. Lets me cope with my monkey mind.


Everything is clear and quiet, as much as I love the “bustle” that is Makati, the peace before the surge of activities is seriously a leisure as much as its a productivity hack

It’s okay to wear makeup

Posted on: November 17th, 2015 by macci No Comments

Everywhere there are these beauty campaigns that say “It’s okay not to wear makeup” etc etc. That’s empowering, sure. Love your flaws, love your age, love your body.

They don’t get it though. I’m sure I get all the love yourself, and it’s hard to be a woman. I read about body image, how tough issues are. I have issues. Everyone has issues. My boyfriend will say they are very first world, but nonetheless, they are real.

I have “Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf, “Gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown, I’ve never been one to shy away from books and articles about feminism, self-love, (self-improvement book junkie ovah here!). I’m subscribed to godammit. And now that I’ve laid down enough credibility to talk about this subject here goes:

Where is the campaign that says “It’s okay to WEAR makeup”. Like seriously. How is concealing my eyebags and filling in my brows an insecure thing to do? Why the fucking hell is that “SHALLOW”. I know how smart I am and how substantial and how hard I work for everything. Why will I be judged for my impeccable flawless use of foundation (which I mix with moisturiser 90% of the time) ????? So what if I contour on a daily basis? 1. I can get away with it with this very honey skintone 2. And in the future event that I overcontour, I choose to contour because I face the world better when my jaw is chiselled like a gazelle!

Okay bitches, I will wear my waterproof gel dipbrow before I work out, liptint, and some concealer here and their. I think you are sooooo beautiful that you have nothing on your face, and I know I will look like a goddess anyway after work out when it’s all melted away and my muscles are popping like crazy.


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What we think of reality is really our interpretation of it.

Pre-vipassana 2.0

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On Meditation


Nope. Nothing beats an actual book.

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Dear kindle,
I love with all that I am. Youre my baby, you’re my dream come true. But nothing will give you the kilig the pages of a good book does.


Love you both. But, this baby. Wow.



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Hello again to the blog who may possibly be the outlet who will know more about me more than anything in the world