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Posted on: July 20th, 2015 by macci No Comments

Of course I’ve been gone a bit. Seriously, where do people find the time to do things.

Saturdays feel like Sundays now

Posted on: July 4th, 2015 by macci No Comments

[ ] 5pm to 9pm code Abode of Ambient

[ ] 1hM

[ ] Control the ‘read more’ label
[ ] Contrast
[ ] Something has to be done about h1

Sunday todo

Posted on: June 21st, 2015 by macci No Comments

1. MYB Posts [4:00]
2. Email Rex, Merv, Maybe Ida. (Or create portfolio first) [5:00]
3. OLX Login [6:00]

4. MYB Blog -Research, First Draft [12:00]
5. Finalize AOAL


My room is a mess

Posted on: June 6th, 2015 by macci No Comments

Okay ang gulo ng kwarto ko.

And we know that a messy bed contributes to a messy mind.

Also, seriously, what a nice looking blog this is. I mean for someone who designed and developed it from scratch, I find that really, this is a nice space on the internet.

So since this blog has no audience, let me re-thank the universe for blessing me with such a darling boyfriend.

[] Clean room
__[] Boxes
__[] Makeup Shelf
__[] This desk
[] Paint my nails
[] Do a little home yoga
[] Get something nice for the darling boyfriend I was talking about.
[] Research and buy gifts for my sisters
[] Finish abodeofambientlighting
[] MyBarangay images
[] An about page would be nice
[] Twitter