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Things I Know So Far

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  1. Investment on wisdom. Proverbs 4: The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. You should invest on wisdom, knowledge and education.
  2. People. Our ability to build and maintain healthy relationships is the single most important factor of how we get along in every area of life.
  3. Productivity. Winners almost always do what they think is the most productive thing possible at every given moment. It is small differences that keep adding up until they reach a critical size. Take care of your health because body and mind are one.
  4. Sales. It’s 80% marketing. The one area of expertise you can never give up is sales.
  5. Simplicity. Less is more in life and design. If it does not spark joy, you have to let go of it. Let go or the thoughts you no longer need in the present.
  6. Priority and planning. You will never be able to catch up with everything. What is important is that you are able to do the thing that is prioritised, the things that matter. Planning saves you so much time. Plan your day. Plan your tomorrow before you go to bed.
  7. Gratitude.  At the end of the day think of three things to be thankful for.
  8. Ideas. It all starts with words. We are what we pretend to be. If you think it, the universe will make a way to have it come to you.
  9. Yoga.  Nature functions intelligently, if it’s your, it is yours. You will get there even if you don’t try so hard. Even if you can’t you can. Just give it time.
  10. The core of it all.  It is the quality of time at work that counts, and the quantity of time that matters. Don’t lose site of the important things. Work is a bouncing ball. Your health and relationships are glass balls that shatter when you drop them.

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Winners almost always do what they think is the most productive thing possible at every given moment, losers never do.


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ughhh anne hathaway forevs

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It’s 80% Marketing

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I need to buy a new car. And as per my dad’s advice, I need a BRAND NEW car if I want it to be sulit. Otherwise, I’d be inconvenienced because of all the needed car repairs, and I still have to pay those. To be honest, with my secondhand car, I believe I’ve spent double the amount I bought it for repairs. I kinda get it, sure, there will always be maintenance… but it’s in its third year and it’s super naghihingalo on me. Is it worth the feeling of I’m unsure I’ll get anywhere.

So anyway, this would mean that I’ll be commuting half to whole of 2016. Whole is preferable. Just think of all the gas money I’ll be saving.

And I’d have enough savings for both the monthly payment and for the downpayment.

Also, I have to learn to drive stick.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have to boost supercharge mega-over give-it-all market myself. Like to the point that 80% of the efforts go to marketing. I read this last night on a self-help book (hehe), and I’ve heard this from business friends. Also, what’s the point of having all this talent and skill. I mean I like talking to people, I design amazing, and I can code. What is the point of all this if I don’t boost up the freelancing. PLUS, you never know, I might unearth new businessy skills.

Also, this car thing, you never know, this is a motivation for me to start my “future”. Start the saving. You know how it is. O yea this car and my yoga+fitness bills.


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The happy pill is a cynic
an irony in form of a gulp
Grinning and sniggering
behind the aluminum sheet
Allow yourself to turn off your brain
forget all violations
and indulge in the recklessness and restlessness
What’s a little misdeed?
Scars wont be the death of you
What’s a little episode?
You can always reeducate yourself to sanity
Do bask in frothing convulsion
Exaggerate your intake
until you’re struggling
to string suitable words together
Much aggravated by our
invincible invisible muse
this overrated revolution
The puke, the smell of smoke,
the hallucinations
are all part of the grandeur
We are the market
for the lowrate sin,
the fleeting, fizzing enchantment

-Macaranas, 2009

This ver good

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Plain yogurt
Water and ice

Chill breakfast. I must not forget this.


While bleaching

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C/o julia, jas, and hidden stalls of greenhills :3

Oh also today is my first time to barre. I honestly think its perfect with Kayla Itsiness.

Also binge watching watching Parks and Recs with Josh.

Box of happy

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I just got back from vipassana todat and lewk what i got: a plyo box


And protein shake.

Now I have the rest of the week for yoga and work out and getting chia seeds and drinking vitamins.

Just cant seem to find the energy today despite a good 6 hr of sleep, centrum, big lunch, berocca, and peach-banana-protein-oats.