It’s 80% Marketing

I need to buy a new car. And as per my dad’s advice, I need a BRAND NEW car if I want it to be sulit. Otherwise, I’d be inconvenienced because of all the needed car repairs, and I still have to pay those. To be honest, with my secondhand car, I believe I’ve spent double the amount I bought it for repairs. I kinda get it, sure, there will always be maintenance… but it’s in its third year and it’s super naghihingalo on me. Is it worth the feeling of I’m unsure I’ll get anywhere.

So anyway, this would mean that I’ll be commuting half to whole of 2016. Whole is preferable. Just think of all the gas money I’ll be saving.

And I’d have enough savings for both the monthly payment and for the downpayment.

Also, I have to learn to drive stick.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have to boost supercharge mega-over give-it-all market myself. Like to the point that 80% of the efforts go to marketing. I read this last night on a self-help book (hehe), and I’ve heard this from business friends. Also, what’s the point of having all this talent and skill. I mean I like talking to people, I design amazing, and I can code. What is the point of all this if I don’t boost up the freelancing. PLUS, you never know, I might unearth new businessy skills.

Also, this car thing, you never know, this is a motivation for me to start my “future”. Start the saving. You know how it is. O yea this car and my yoga+fitness bills.

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