Over interneting

It’s not exactly my first weekend of actual rest since January, but it kinda feels like it.


I’m just tired.

Spent the weekend making salads, buying nice clothes, visiting friends (Fine. A friend. One.), surfing the net.

It’s just weird though.. I spent the whole few months feeling unpampered, and here I am with face mask on, new clothes everywhere, strategizing my week’s makeup and clothes, yet I feel a whole lot more unpampered because of all the pampering I see online.

Like hmmm, I’m just sooo close to accepting that I’ll never be enough. For work and for kaartehan. I mean I’m not being madrama or anything pero it’s just that there’s just wayyy too much to learn and way too much to do. This must all be due to over-unsubstantial-interneting.


You know what solves all this? Dis-connecting and just cuddling and making kulit all day with the love of my life.


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