It’s okay to wear makeup

Everywhere there are these beauty campaigns that say “It’s okay not to wear makeup” etc etc. That’s empowering, sure. Love your flaws, love your age, love your body.

They don’t get it though. I’m sure I get all the love yourself, and it’s hard to be a woman. I read about body image, how tough issues are. I have issues. Everyone has issues. My boyfriend will say they are very first world, but nonetheless, they are real.

I have “Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf, “Gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown, I’ve never been one to shy away from books and articles about feminism, self-love, (self-improvement book junkie ovah here!). I’m subscribed to godammit. And now that I’ve laid down enough credibility to talk about this subject here goes:

Where is the campaign that says “It’s okay to WEAR makeup”. Like seriously. How is concealing my eyebags and filling in my brows an insecure thing to do? Why the fucking hell is that “SHALLOW”. I know how smart I am and how substantial and how hard I work for everything. Why will I be judged for my impeccable flawless use of foundation (which I mix with moisturiser 90% of the time) ????? So what if I contour on a daily basis? 1. I can get away with it with this very honey skintone 2. And in the future event that I overcontour, I choose to contour because I face the world better when my jaw is chiselled like a gazelle!

Okay bitches, I will wear my waterproof gel dipbrow before I work out, liptint, and some concealer here and their. I think you are sooooo beautiful that you have nothing on your face, and I know I will look like a goddess anyway after work out when it’s all melted away and my muscles are popping like crazy.

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ughhh anne hathaway forevs

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It’s 80% Marketing

I need to buy a new car. And as per my dad’s advice, I need a BRAND NEW car if I want it to be sulit. Otherwise, I’d be inconvenienced because of all the needed car repairs, and I still have to pay those. To be honest, with my secondhand car, I believe I’ve spent double the amount I bought it for repairs. I kinda get it, sure, there will always be maintenance… but it’s in its third year and it’s super naghihingalo on me. Is it worth the feeling of I’m unsure I’ll get anywhere.

So anyway, this would mean that I’ll be commuting half to whole of 2016. Whole is preferable. Just think of all the gas money I’ll be saving.

And I’d have enough savings for both the monthly payment and for the downpayment.

Also, I have to learn to drive stick.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have to boost supercharge mega-over give-it-all market myself. Like to the point that 80% of the efforts go to marketing. I read this last night on a self-help book (hehe), and I’ve heard this from business friends. Also, what’s the point of having all this talent and skill. I mean I like talking to people, I design amazing, and I can code. What is the point of all this if I don’t boost up the freelancing. PLUS, you never know, I might unearth new businessy skills.

Also, this car thing, you never know, this is a motivation for me to start my “future”. Start the saving. You know how it is. O yea this car and my yoga+fitness bills.

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The happy pill is a cynic
an irony in form of a gulp
Grinning and sniggering
behind the aluminum sheet
Allow yourself to turn off your brain
forget all violations
and indulge in the recklessness and restlessness
What’s a little misdeed?
Scars wont be the death of you
What’s a little episode?
You can always reeducate yourself to sanity
Do bask in frothing convulsion
Exaggerate your intake
until you’re struggling
to string suitable words together
Much aggravated by our
invincible invisible muse
this overrated revolution
The puke, the smell of smoke,
the hallucinations
are all part of the grandeur
We are the market
for the lowrate sin,
the fleeting, fizzing enchantment

-Macaranas, 2009

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This ver good

Plain yogurt
Water and ice

Chill breakfast. I must not forget this.


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While bleaching


C/o julia, jas, and hidden stalls of greenhills :3

Oh also today is my first time to barre. I honestly think its perfect with Kayla Itsiness.

Also binge watching watching Parks and Recs with Josh.

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Box of happy


I just got back from vipassana todat and lewk what i got: a plyo box


And protein shake.

Now I have the rest of the week for yoga and work out and getting chia seeds and drinking vitamins.

Just cant seem to find the energy today despite a good 6 hr of sleep, centrum, big lunch, berocca, and peach-banana-protein-oats.

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This week btw is the healthiest ive been
.. In my whole life!

And it feels great!

I dont smoke. I found out how to work out. I yoga. Im addicted to smoothies and protein shakes. I drink multivitamins. I avoid pork. Im in love. I meditate (insufficiently, but im doing something new kasi e). AND I DONT SMOKE.

I even got to do my headstand woohoo!



Ty pao jihan jas xta josh and miss edah from kumaris.

:) :) :)

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