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So glad to be free from the birthday pressure. I can finally stop exfolliating yeyy! Free from the fear of being photographed!

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What we think of reality is really our interpretation of it.

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No Subject

This blog will never be as interesting as when I was candid and honest… and the last time that ever was is in 2007 when I was freaking 18 and is blogging under blogspot, like the rest of youuu.

Weird fact, I keep on dreaming of tidal waves. A while ago I dreamt that: I was on a port with my mom AND IT WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL. As in seriously, I can still remember how blue and vast the water was. The whole scene was like being inside a movie, and high, but better. But despite all the beauty, there were three upturned ships (two far-off, and one huge and very upclose, I can see that no one is inside).. and suddenly the big blue CALM ocean turns into a GIANT wave, and I’m tranquil and sure that it’s the end of it all.

Of course, the wave never really hits the ground (much like all the dreams where I’m preparing 24 hours for prom and prom never happens).

Why am I writing this down?
Well I’m uploading my mom’s website online and failing. And I’m killing time writing useless (nonetheless, imaginative) tidbits.

On the bright side my sister passed her board exam. So yey for that!

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Of course I’ve been gone a bit. Seriously, where do people find the time to do things.

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Packing. Not my forte


Almost ready, but am I really?

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Saturdays feel like Sundays now

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Pre-vipassana 2.0

On Meditation

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My parents doing yoga


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