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When everyone was still photographing everything. I actualllyy think i was good. Not the beeestt but I dramatize things very well pre-editing. Tas when i edit pa, wow.

Anyway this is a cute shot from, what, 2010?

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Book grid


I has no instagram nu more… So this is where the photos go now.

And abt this? Am selling my books again. (Gasp)

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Ooohhh lookie wordpress on my mobile.

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My room is a mess

Okay ang gulo ng kwarto ko.

And we know that a messy bed contributes to a messy mind.

Also, seriously, what a nice looking blog this is. I mean for someone who designed and developed it from scratch, I find that really, this is a nice space on the internet.

So since this blog has no audience, let me re-thank the universe for blessing me with such a darling boyfriend.

[] Clean room
__[] Boxes
__[] Makeup Shelf
__[] This desk
[] Paint my nails
[] Do a little home yoga
[] Get something nice for the darling boyfriend I was talking about.
[] Research and buy gifts for my sisters
[] Finish abodeofambientlighting
[] MyBarangay images
[] An about page would be nice
[] Twitter

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Nothing in the universe beats a nice haircut. Seriously.
Not that I have the most amazing haircut at the moment,… BUT, it is high quality.

Okay, these days I’m working on my mom’s website. Up soon at www.abodeofambientlighting.com

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Checking Images. Also this might be design blog now.

Design for UN Habitat

Design for UN Habitat

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blog.macci.co to do

darken the gray
viewport 700?

watch tutsplus portfolio

weekend: design abodeofambient

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A minute ago, I wrote the ‘Hey You’ post below.

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Hey you

Hi. Honestly, I dont understand blogging anymore. I used to do this so well. I used to write so often. I’m not sure how to keep a blog anymore.

I remember being very immature and having a blog for 10 years. I remember somewhere in 2010 when everyone had a blog and everyone is reading everybody else’s blog, and people are liking mine because it was so raw.

I also remember being sad then. Not because of anything in particular. Maybe of how I saw life, how I let my ego continually consume and dictate me… not that I’m any better, but a bit of fog has lifted, and I see sunshine. See, I’m too happy to blog interestingly.

Can I interest you with things I do everyday? I live a very simple life and I already can’t find time to brag about what I had for breakfast and that I can now do a headstand after years of yoga. (mostly, cant brag about it because I still can’t).

Mainly I’m doing this to see if this works in wordpress.

Whoever you are stranger, hello.

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