The happy pill is a cynic
an irony in form of a gulp
Grinning and sniggering
behind the aluminum sheet
Allow yourself to turn off your brain
forget all violations
and indulge in the recklessness and restlessness
What’s a little misdeed?
Scars wont be the death of you
What’s a little episode?
You can always reeducate yourself to sanity
Do bask in frothing convulsion
Exaggerate your intake
until you’re struggling
to string suitable words together
Much aggravated by our
invincible invisible muse
this overrated revolution
The puke, the smell of smoke,
the hallucinations
are all part of the grandeur
We are the market
for the lowrate sin,
the fleeting, fizzing enchantment

-Macaranas, 2009

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