Hello again to the blog who may possibly be the outlet who will know more about me more than anything in the world

I have never in my life realized how controlling I am until this moment. I’m tired. Mentally. Emotionally. But I still have that very very faint silver lining of mindfulness that tells me to just surrender instead of resist. (Thank you “Power of Now”-Eckhart Tolle, http://tinybuddha.com, boyfriend quotes and Vipassana 2014)

I need Vipassana. What did I learn from that again? Oh to breath and to KEEP IN MIND FOREVERMORE that every sensation in the world is fleeting.

So anyway, being the very nosy and relentlessly-trying-to-converse girlfriend that I am, I ask my BOYFRIEND (whom I need permission pa to publish his name kasi “Ermitanyo” is his spirit animal), what he has learned from me.

And tadah surprise surprise boom boom pak, his version of the moral lesson of this relationship is “Things won’t always go your way.”

The Reply:
Me in half-joke, half-defensive, half-LOVINGLY-pero-crazy-eyes: “SO NOTHING GOES YOUR WAY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP???”
Tapos edi joke joke kuno afterwards–

But actually, maybe nothing goes MY WAY in this relationship either. Funny though, that at this moment, I do mind (35%), and I KINDA DONT MIND (100 minus 35%) that no-one exactly gets their way. Seems like the force of the universe is flowing her way around and we’re just mga kawal of the force doing her bidding. Tangina did that make ANY SENSE AT ALL, BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE TO ME.

Okay so here:
“The closest to being in control we’ll ever be is in that moment when we realize we’re not.” ~Brian Kessler

I AM AN ENLIGHTENMENT / SPRITUAL / MEDITATION BOOK JUNKIE (also, I’m a noob so do not take this seriously): And so far here are the top 5 insights:
1. Stay in the momement. The past and the future are all just state of minds. This exact moment, this breath is your anchor to the present. IT’S THE ONLY FREAKING THING THAT IS REAL, this moment RIGHT NOW
2. Compassion leads to happiness. Do not take your own happiness for granted, because you succeed better in spreading love and compassion and peace when you are happy
3. Peace and contentment will always transcend Happiness
4. Do not desire happinesss (I know, ang gulo. BUT THIS IS WHAT THE BAGHAVAD GITA SAYS… And weirdly it kinda works for a bit / in a sense). It’s something like, with things we do, we should not be attached to the end goal.. because as established, things happen. What’s important is the intention is there. (Bahala ka na if you can’t understand, ubos na powers ko.)
5. There is wisdom in surrender. Resistance causes pain.

BONUS: May you all be safe, may you all be healthy, may you all be happy, may you all live in ease.

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