Case Study

Five Star Bus Company Social Media Campaign

Five Star: Reacg for the Stars Fivestar Bus Company has a strong following of 31,000 users.. and counting. Despite the strong activity on their wall, a social media campaign was created for them to initiate a professional presence. But also, of course to have something to entertain the users aside from the brash comments left and right.

Design and content. These are examples of the cover photos for their page that ran the whole last year. The “Reach for the Stars” campaign was the most noteworthy one with its running contests, etc. It is an interpretation of most of the Filipino’s memory of being in the bus at dawn, all hazy and sleepy.

Web Design.   The web design for Five Star makes great use of their strong social media presence, with their reservation feature as the main call-to-action button. Contact number, terminals, and schedule are also in main stage as these are what the users are primarily looking for.

The inspiration for this aesthetic are local Pinoy newspapers, as can be seen with the bold headlines and black-and-white visuals (still with a lot of red and touches of yellow in respect to their branding).

Designed under management of RMDC