Case Study

Globe Telecom Human Resources Web Design

Life@Globe: Globe Intranet. This proposed design for Globe Telecom’s Human Resources Intranet is one of my favourite user-experience design, brimming with positive emotions from the colours, well-planned social-media-esque interface, and tiny quirky details you can see up close.

Design and UX. Remaining faithful to their branding, most visuals are combination of images taken from their existing website at that moment and our own ideas. The logo is just a little tweak from their original widely used logo, but easily spruced up with just a dash of creativity.

The interface is a fusion of social-media and company-newsletter, a combination of user-generated and company issued content. It is big on employee support.

Extra detail.  This is the proposed sign up page, asking about the user’s mood. Very cute, but more importantly, the signing up process already conveys that the company cares.

Designed under management of RMDC