Case Study

Morphlabs Rebranding / Visual Identity

Morphlabs: Evolve Morphlabs approached us with the goal of being the number one cloud service provider in the Philippines. Already providing quality service and product, what they need next is an update of their marketing strategy. We start at the core of it all by creating a solid Brand Identity to unify all their efforts.

Design and content. Morphlabs is a highly technical team, so we generated a creative direction for their perusal. They have a pre-existing logo, so we collated the best fitting typography, color palette, and other graphic elements that fit best their merchandise. The preferred voice and tone for the brand is also defined (knowledgeable but friendly).

This branding guideline is to be used by us and all other third party agents for consistency, and consistency in all channels is how we create a strong and durable brand.

Iconography.   Morphlabs, being the complex service that they are, icons are the best method to visually interpret information more concisely and less intimidatingly.