Case Study

UN Habitat Philippines Web Design The Philippine office of UN Habitat wanted to improve their pre-existing online presence in par with their international peers. Armed with its well-prepared branding manual and years worth of articles, we organised and photoshopped for the perfect design fit.

Design and UX. Closely following their brand identity, we use the provided accessory colours to organise the content (e.g. blue for general content, orange for events, green for resources). And since their branding is one of their strongest assets, we use the logo boldly and confidently for the homepage, transitioning into a less brazen size on the inner page navigations as seen in details below. Finally, for a fun touch to differentiate us from the other countries, the Philippine silhouette is used adventurously as a design element in the footer section.

Design details. You can find examples of inner pages in this subsection. The slight difference of navigation design of homepage versus inner page can be seen at the examples. Note the creative use of the navigation and map in the Resource Cities and Partners (4)

This project was designed under management of RMDC